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Youth Jiu-Jitsu

Advanced Class

Our Advanced Youth Classes are designed for kids that are a little bit older. Typically reserved for kids age 8-14, our Advanced Youth students receive more detailed instruction than our younger students. Advanced students grow together through different drills, challenges, and games that will reinforce their jiu-jitsu skills while improving their fitness and self-confidence.

Beginner Class

Our beginner class consists of our youngest members. Kids from age 5 to 7 learn important jiu-jitsu concepts and they get to practice fundamental skills with our instructors in a fun and different way each class to keep them engaged and excited to learn martial arts! On top of jiu-jitsu, our Beginner students learn about the importance of focus, respect, commitment, and fitness as they grow into young adults.

Is Your Child Bullyproof?

Give your child the ability to stick up for themselves and others with the confidence that they will be able to defend themselves and their peers! Plus, we make sure all of our Youth students understand our “Rules of Engagement,” so that they know when it is appropriate to use their training to control a dangerous situation. We never encourage kids to fight or to be aggressive with others, but it is pivotal that your child knows how to defend him/herself from a bully!

Want to Learn More? Fill out these information boxes to have one of our staff reach out to you to answer any questions you may still have, or to find a time for you to bring your kids in to try a class!


What to Expect

Check out this short video to see what we’re all about at the North Coast Jiu-Jitsu Club. We cant wait to have you on the mats with us! Beginner friendly classes in a fun, family environment. Come see us in the Northfield Plaza!