Women Empowered


Come out to a Women’s Self-Defense Workshop and learn some basic jiu-jitsu techniques from the world famous Gracie Women Empowered program! Plus, hear from different self-defense organizations and professionals and learn different concepts and ideas that will help keep you safe in your community.


Our Women Empowered courses cover our Women’s Jiu-Jitsu curriculum in more detail. Different situations and techniques will be covered in our courses, and ladies in our Women Empowered course will have more opportunities to ask questions and work with our professional self-defense instructors.

Empower Yourself

It is our hope that no woman that takes our courses ever needs to use jiu-jitsu to escape an attack. However, it is pivotal that all women know some form of self-defense in case they find themselves in a uncomfortable situation. Jiu-Jitsu is designed to be effective for women, and there is no better self-defense curriculum in the world.

Learn more about our Women’s Self-Defense Programs. Fill out these boxes and have our Women Empowered instructor reach out and answer your questions!


What to Expect

Check out this video to see what the classes at the North Coast Jiu-Jitsu Club are like! Come in and try a class, we guarantee you’ll have fun, get a good workout, and learn something in the process.